How Do I Get Over My Ex?

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How do i get over my Ex and stop this heartache!

Every once in a while there will come a time where we will part our loved one and our dream relationship will come to a end.

As painful as it is now, please don’t despair and look at the reasons of why it has come to a end and then start to put a plan into place that will help to get over this painful episode and start a journey where your going to find happiness again.

How Do I Get Over My Ex

You might be screaming at the screen now as you read this and be saying:-

“But he was the one for me!” or “She  was the perfect lady for me!”

Really? If he was the right one for you, why did it end? If she was perfect, why aren’t you together now?

Things happen in life and we have to first look at ourselves and see were we in the wrong? Did we cheat? Did we lie? Did we do something that pushed the other person to a point where they had to end the relationship and walk away?

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How Do I Find A Job Fast!

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How do i find a job fast?

We at one point in our lives find ourselves out of a job and we need to quickly get another job quick as possible!

Yes, the rent needs to be paid, the food needs to be put on the table and the bills need to be taken care of. If you have children there is that added pressure as you need to make sure that your providing for them as best as you can.

If you don’t have savings, then How do i find a job fast? Must be the only thing on you mind!

But don’t despair there are ways to finding a job fast and before you go, “I know them all”  please carry on reading and see what else we can do to put our job search on over drive and get back into employment in no time.

How To Find A Job Fast

Let me outline the traditional ways of finding a job:-

  1. Sign up with a recruitment consultant, who will take your CV and talk to clients on their books
  2. Send your CV personally to companies that are of interest to you.
  3. Look at the classifieds and look for a jobs that are fitting to your experience.
  4. Register your CV on the job boards on the internet. For example,
  5. Join a job networking site like

The above steps are great to finding a job, so you need to use these in your arsenal of job finding techniques.

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How Do I Come Out To My Parents?

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How do you finally come out to your loved ones when you want to tell the truth about your sexual preference?

Well that certainly a question i hear a lot, and its not just from young people that have found themselves, it also happens to come from adults that have held a deep long secret and finally want the world to know who they truly are.

First of all you need to realise that being gay or being happy knowing your attracted to the same sex is not wrong! There are lots people out there that think homosexuality is wrong.

But i am here to tell you its a just a preference and feeling that people have. That gut feeling is right and you feel happy being gay and you accept yourself for that, then no one has the right to tell you otherwise!

When you are truly comfortable with your choice of partner or preference of your partner you need to start to communicate with the people closest to you and let them know who you are what you want out of your life.

How do i come out?

Don’t get me wrong some people will not agree and some may even turn their back on you!

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How to save money? What is the ideal equation?

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How to save money?

What is the ideal equation?

So what is the ideal equation to stick to when your trying to save money but at the same time still have a life!


This question has so many moving parts to it. So before i can offer some advice on this, we first need to answer is bit by bit. We need to establish what your threshold is to saving and spending.

Are you the sort of person that lives for the day? Or are you a person that believes in the a comfortable future hence starts to put things away. We all need to plan carefully for our future, that can be financially or even planning our own career paths. Regardless of what it is there has to be a certain amount of planning.

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Living with flatmates or should I live alone?

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Should i live with flatmates or should i live alone??

This certainly is a question that i get from a lot of young professionals who are about to start their working life and have just got out of student life. But what is the right way to go to make sure that your on the right footing for your next step in life?

Should I live with flatmates or alone

Firstly you need to do a gut check and see what is going to suit you best. Below are a few points you need to take into consideration before you decide what to do.

  • Do you have a enough money after paying your bills to actually enjoy life? I mean there is no point living alone if you don’t have money to actually enjoy you down time.
  • Are you in a committed relationship? Are you able to share the burden of your rent or mortgage? If you can this is going to allow to live in a more pleasant place that is actually closer to where you work hence cutting down on commuting time.

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Should I Travel Before I Start My Career?

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Should I Travel Before I Start My Career?

This is a age old question that has been asked by young people from all over the world. In this day and age where young people are pressured or they experience peer pressure and it sometimes is difficult to make the right decision.


Sometimes you find your friends are eager to experiment and that you want to be a part of the in crowd, but is not a case of being pressured into doing something you don’t want but it’s up to you to experience it when you’re ready.

Travelling before you start your career can be a great experience but also a pressure, but to be fair it’s something you should only ever do when you are totally and truly comfortable and know that it won’t hurt your future career development.

There is a magical aura that is attached to  the notion of travelling around the world before you dive deep into your career period

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All your worries can be resolved!

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Hi there reader. Welcome to my blog where i discuss issues that face all sorts of people from all walks of life. I am not saying i know thats best, its just snippets of my wisdom that i share. But please don’t take my word for it. Just understand they are my thoughts, and thats all they are.. :) Happy reading!